Mon Ethos Pro Consulting

Mon Ethos Pro: Bridging the Gap Between Athletes and Brands

Core Services

Mon Ethos Pro offers comprehensive brand management services to assist athletes in earning more and getting discovered. The company specializes in helping athletes and talents to build their brands, establish a solid digital footprint, and grow their platforms and fanbases. This is achieved by creating opportunities for collaboration between athletes, brands, and businesses.

Athlete Representation

The company takes pride in representing a diverse range of athletes and artists from various industries. Their approach focuses on managing these talents to ensure they receive the best opportunities for growth and exposure.

David Whitaker's Vision and Leadership

Background and Expertise

David Whitaker, the President and Owner of Mon Ethos, brings a lifetime of business and digital development experience to the field of talent management. His expertise in digital project management and marketing has been a driving force in the company's growth and success.

Synergizing Various Domains

Recognizing the unique opportunities presented by the synergies between advertising, social media, and professional sports and entertainment, Whitaker has successfully guided Mon Ethos Pro in capitalizing on these intersections.

Mon Ethos Pro's Impact and Future Endeavors

Sponsorships and Events

Mon Ethos Pro is a proud sponsor of significant events and organizations, including the Boston Pro & NPC, IFBB, and Mr. Olympia. These sponsorships underscore the company's commitment to supporting the athletic community and its role in major sporting events.

Supporting Athletes' Careers

The agency's focus extends beyond mere representation; it actively involves in shaping the careers of athletes, including guidance in personal branding, digital marketing, and strategic collaborations.


Mon Ethos Pro Consulting, under David Whitaker's leadership, exemplifies a modern approach to athlete and talent management. The company has established itself as a significant entity in promoting and nurturing talent, evident in its successful management of athletes and involvement in major sporting events and brand collaborations.