David Whitaker - Entrepreneur and Digital Expert

Early Career and Digital Expertise

David Whitaker's journey in the digital realm spans over two decades, where he has excelled as a consulting CTO for various firms. His expertise covers a wide range of areas including website and mobile app development, virtual reality, and cyber security. His role as a digital marketing strategist highlights his proficiency in navigating the digital landscape.

Mon Ethos Pro: Pioneering in Talent Management

As the president and owner of Mon Ethos Pro, David Whitaker has revolutionized the field of talent management. His unique approach synergizes advertising, social media, and the worlds of sports and entertainment, leading to the successful expansion of Mon Ethos Pro.

Design Geeks and Other Ventures

David is the founder of Design Geeks, LLC, Fuse.Live, and David.Work. His success in digital development is evident through his visionary foresight in the changing dynamics of digital experiences.

The Boston Pro Show and Media Initiatives

David Whitaker's achievement in organizing the Boston Pro, the first IFBB Pro sanctioned bodybuilding show in Boston, underscores his talent for creating impactful events. He also initiated the "American Influencer" reality TV show, blending entertainment with digital media.

A Visionary Leader

Recognized for his visionary insights, David leads a team of experts in various fields. His leadership and innovative approach have made him a notable figure in digital and entertainment industries.

Contributions Across Industries

David Whitaker's expertise isn't limited to digital marketing and entertainment. He is known for his contributions in personal branding, business marketing, social understanding, and video production, showcasing his versatility and breadth of knowledge.


David Whitaker epitomizes the modern entrepreneur, blending technology, business acumen, and creative vision. His work across digital development, talent management, and event production is a testament to his commitment to innovation and excellence.